What I have learnt

As we enter another year and reflect on our journey, we are grateful for the things we have learnt and the progress we have made.

In accordance with my gifting I strive to gain understanding of the Lord and the journey. Now, after 30 years as a follower of Christ, I wish to summarise my understanding of the Lord and my journey of faith in him with the view of keeping my focus on Him and His purpose.

What I have learnt:

1. He loves me.
Always have and always will. I do not need to waste time wondering whether He has good in store for me. He does.
2. He seeks a relationship with me.
He desires a son, a friend, a follower, a companion, a co-worker and a joint heir. In beginning it was hard to grasp that being born into this world as a son of Adam and a slave of sin His purpose in transforming and maturing me was not to make me a good servant of Him, but rather for me to become like Him in all things. Through the years the focus of this transformation shifted many times on the many different aspects of sonship and His work within me is continuing. Yet, I now know that this work is not achieved by keeping laws, but rather through a relationship based on our personal journey through life. Yet, this journey in Him is dictated by His will and the Spirit is given as our Guide along the path. It is here where the rub is. We do not have the liberty to map our our own journey – instead we must follow Him. Through this we learn to yield to the Spirit and surrender our own will and desires to His. This is critical in the process of becoming like Him – ‘Not my will, but thine be done’.
3. He calls us all to make followers of Him
Throughout our lives we are a light on a path for others to learn from. Whether we have only recently started the journey or are experienced travellers, we are all called to help others along the Way of Christ. It starts at home between husband and wife and then the children. But opportunities are everywhere. Whether at work, school, college, a meeting with friends or a bible study we are all called to be a witness and a help when required.

4. Success in this life
Success in this life is based on actively cooperating with the general laws that God instituted after the fall and the flood (principles of His reign or kingdom). These laws where also taught by Jesus through the parables and are designed to teach all of mankind the principles of God. Principles likes sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, honest hard work, serving and helping others, forgiving our transgressors, faithful stewardship, listening to and learning from others and living with the consequences of our own decisions and actions, are all critical to a successful life. These laws work for or against all men since they were designed and given by God to teach all about His ways. Praying against these laws or its consequences are truly in vain and actually rebellion against God. This is very hard for all of us, but it is the environment on earth He created after Adam’s rebellion in order to teach all mankind His ways in the hope to bring him to the end of his folly.
A key implication of this for most Christians is that I do not believe that tithing is the key to financial success. Serving and working hard (for your employer or your clients) with the wisdom of God is the key to success. (Tithing was part of the old covenant for the support of the temple and the professional priesthood, which is neither any longer required.) Another implication of the above is that the devil is not directly keeping people poor and weak. Ignorance regarding the principles of how life works (as ordained by God) are keeping the mayority of people in bondage. Good things come to those who have put good seed in the right soil during the right season. Bad things come to those put bad seed in the ground (or good seed in bad soil). Loss (even poverty) comes to those who do nothing, or plant during the wrong season. Much of life’s success is based upon accepting the laws of God, and working with them for the benefit of all.
For my own personal experience in business, I know that the Spirit guides me regarding the path to take, but fully expects me to work diligently in line with the principles of God in order to reap the blessings He intends for me. When I try to violated these principles I reap the loss as all men will. Faith cannot be used to ask God to override the consequences of any bad decisions or actions in life.


5. He calls us to be seeds of the kingdom
If we follow Christ, and His ways, over time we become more and more like him. During this current dispensation we are also called to be like He was in this world. This means that as the sons of God, we are called to be the servants of men. In the same way that Jesus was a servant of men. We are not called to be served, but instead to serve others with the grace, power and gifting of God. We are to be known as servants in this world, whilst being known as the sons of God in the heavenlies.

30 year vision of the bread

The day is coming, says the Lord and the day is at hand that I will start a new thing.

I saw the number 30. I believe the Lord is saying that there will be 2 seasons of 15 years each. I then also saw a loaf of bread. The bread represents the feeding of the nations. This feeding of the nations will come in the natural and the feeding of the nations will also come in the spiritual. This bread also represents the continent of Africa, and it will feed the nations.

The bread is cut in 2 halves representing 15 years of sowing followed by 15 years of growing. The time is now that I am sowing the sons. I am sowing the seed and I am sowing the kingdom. I will disperse and send them and my wind will blow and I will take my sons wherever I need them to go. It is time to scatter the seed. It is a time for the sons to rise up on the wings of eagles and fly where I need them to go. You will not understand, and you will not see and you will not know, because it will be the work of the wind says the Lord. It will be the work of the Spirit says the Lord. Many times you will think that there is nothing happening for you will only see seed that will be blown away.

But the day will surely come that that seed will die and it will begin to produce. For you have prayed for my kingdom and you have prayed for my reign to come. But everyone has been praying from within their own limited perspective. Yet, the work that I am going to do if far greater than what anyone can think or imagine. For I am bringing things together from the old and I am bringing things together from the new. And those things that have been prayed for for decades and centuries will be answered.

These answers to prayer will come like a flood – it will come like a flood. When the growth of the kingdom starts and the seed begin to grow, no man will be able to stop it. No man looking to the left or the right will be able to deny the work of the Lord. These things will surely come to pass. And those things that have been prayed for for many years will come to fulfilment.

The time is now to choose. It is now the time to allow the Spirit to blow you and for the wind to take you wherever it will go. Do not be confined by your own limitations. Do not ask the questions regarding your own limitations and understanding, because you cannot understand it.  The time is now that you will be blown from the east and the west and from the north and from the south. And you will go. If you heart is with me and I have set you free I will blow you and plant you where I need you to be.

There will be many who would want to see the harvest before its time. Yet, it will only come in due time for there are things that need to take place and things that need to happen first. Yet, it will surely come. And there will be a harvest in Africa. No longer will Africa be raped and abused, but it will have the provision and the influence. I am raising her up as an influence in this world and that which was despised I will raise up. I will turn the darkness to light.

Today there must be forerunners. Today you must not hold on and you must not fear. You must allow the work of my Spirit to go as far and as wide as the Lord would take you.

Surely this continent will be turned and the light will shine. I am raising up and those who will be first will be last and those who will be last will be first. Surely I will fulfil my word in the time to come.

Johan Boot

September 2012
Drakensville, Kwazulu-Natal

Additional comments

I believe that the first 15 year season is already underway, and that it overlaps with the 3rd 7 year season of the 21 year prophecy (1994-2014). I believe that the Lord has visited the nation in a powerful way since 2001 and have prepared many to be sown as seed and as fire (21 year prophecy) into Africa. The gates have opened and the flood of God’s power, light and grace will now be blown into all of Africa. The Lord desires for us to have an African perspective regarding His purpose and moves over the coming 2 decades.

Secondly the Lord previously spoke to us in 1999 regarding the weighing of the bread. In this word the bread was related to the purity of the gospel going forth from South Africa. I am encouraged as it seems that the preaching of the word has been done, and that the message has been of sufficient weight for the seed of that message to be now sown into Africa as was spoken of in 1999.

Thirdly, I believe that this is all still part of the shaking of the Lord in South Africa in order for His people to received His plan and purpose for healing and restoration. I quote from the Healing of the Land prophecy receive in 1999. “The Lord showed me the map of South Africa. ‘For too long the church has held on to the call and purpose that I have placed upon South Africa. You have taken ownership of this call and purpose and each one sits with his own vision of what I should do in this land. But now is the time that I am shaking this land and I am calling the church to release the ownership of this call into my hands. Only then will you be able to receive my vision upon this land.'”

We are being transformed into seed to die and be transformed into something else in order for God’s kingdom to come in Africa. We cannot take ownership of this call. We have to be weak and powerless in order for the Spirit to have His way and fulfil His purpose in Africa.

The most urgent and powerful thing we can do is to surrender fully to the Lord and allow Him to have His way fully in our lives.

Prayer and the laws of God

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. (Galatians 6:6-8)

Most of us would think twice about asking God to cancel the law of gravity. Why? Because, unless we are somehow facing imminent death, such a request would border on insanity.

We somehow understand that all the laws of God are interlinked and designed for our own good and protection. It is not that He is unable or unwilling to override these, but He knows that it is best for us to learn to cooperate and hopefully thrive within His designed world. Yet, when it comes to the economic laws of God many Christians somehow does not know nor believe that the same applies.

Much prayer is offered in a hope that the economic laws of God may be cancelled and that that which we have sown would not be harvested. Or, more often, that we may reap where we have not planted.

We all know that God sometimes on our journey to maturity overrides these laws. These are rightly called miracles, but must be understood as exceptions, and gifts of grace. The norm we must accept and embrace is that we can only expect a harvest where we have planted good seed in season and laboured with diligence in accordance with His laws.

This is God’s will and way. I also believe that it is His highest and best for us, instead of miracles and free gifts. Why?

Miracles and free gifts might teach us about God’s power and grace, but it does not train us in obedience, maturity and stewardship. And the maturity of God’s sons are far more important than the temporary impact of gifts of grace. This fact has been proven countless times during Israel’s journey through the desert. Some would contend that miracles are for the glory of God. This is obviously true. But, we are currently living in the dispensation of the revelation of the sons of God. These he desires as His demonstration to the principalities and powers in the heavenlies. His intent is that the church might grow into the fullness of the statue of Christ to demonstrate to the devil and the world that love and life has triumphed over fear and death. It is also in preparation for His coming, where after we will rule and reign with Him.
Most of the parables of Christ teach us regarding the seeds of the kingdom. Stated differently, these teach us regarding the required inputs in order to see the rule of God extended in our own lives and the world we live in. These teachings are not intended to teach us right and wrong, but to train us how our actions may usher in God’s will and ways.

Some of these lessons teaches us regarding following the leading the Spirit, giving, stewardship, compassion, obedience to civil law and being an vessel for His use. We will do well to embrace this inputs not as mere good deeds, but indeed as seeds sown towards the extension of His rule and reign. When we practise these we begin to build a life in accordance with His design. It is when we align our lives in accordance with this design that we reap the blessings of His kingdom or rule in our lives.

The same applies to the economic laws of God. Without such practises as honest labour and honest wages, serving others, taking initiative and stewardship of our own and others’ resources we cannot expect to become prosperous. And the more we align ourselves with His design, the more He will be able to entrust to us.

Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. (2 Corinthians 9:5-7)

The Lord desires for us to be stewards of His resources and examples of His design towards a dark and dying world – also economically. Therefore regarding prayer it is wiser to seek understanding and wisdom regarding His ways and the grace to follow it, than to continually ask for God’s intervention during times of trouble.

Growing in wisdom

Wisdom means to have the will to do God’s will.

A wise man continuously decides to walk in God’s will and ways. Due to the path he follows, he learns over time the what, why and how of the will and ways of God. The way of God therefore becomes his way and he becomes wise himself.

A foolish man is someone who is ignorant of the way of God or wilfully rejects it.

All the paths of God lead to life and liberty. As such the wise man finds and enters life and liberty while the foolish stumbles due to his ignorance and rebellion.

Lord, may we see and follow You. May we learn your ways.  Make us willing and able to keep in step with You, and thus grant us wisdom.


Finding the Path

What is the essence of the Christian life? Or what is the main thing God wants of me today, tomorrow or the rest of my days?

Important to understand is what He desires to see come out of my life versus what he expects me to personally action in my life. These two are different since most of what He wishes to see flow out of my life will be a result of His grace – thus His ability working on my behalf producing what He desires.

For example loving God and loving people is His will for us. Yet, all our love is the result of Him loving us and that love overflowing in our lives. Likewise holiness is the result of His light and holiness being reflected from our lives.

The key change from the old to the new covenant is that He gave each us the ability to personally journey with Him in our hearts. He gave us the Holy Spirit as the guide for this journey. Love, holiness and purpose are all by-products of this journey with the Spirit of God. None should be pursued as goals lest it become works of self leading to religious self glorification. No, what must be produced in our lives must be by Him, through grace alone.

Therefore, what are the things that I must action on this journey? Firstly, I must daily seek Him and His Path. This involves speaking and listening – basic communication. Don’t do this religiously. Do it naturally as part of everyday life. The path is not found through religious activities, but is rather discovered in everyday life. It is here in daily living where He desires to spread His love, light and holiness to others.

Secondly, when I come to a crossroad where my own desire and that of the Spirit differs, I must learn to yield to Him. I must learn to submit to His leading since He is both the Path and the Light for the Path. He is both the Beginning and the End of every Path, and knows all things.

Wisdom chooses His way. Wisdom follows Him for He is Wisdom. When I follow the Path, all that I might think He desires from me is being fulfilled. As I stay on the Path, I experience His ability (grace) empowering me to fulfill His desire. This yoke is easy and its burden is light because His ability is fulfilling all requirements. It is the life-giving Spirit that becomes my righteousness, holiness and power.

When I miss the path or go my own way, I experience darkness, loss and frustration. These are not the signs that God is angry or disappointed, but that I am not following the correct path. What I must do is to speak to Him in seeking to find Him as the Path. Many might seek Him at such times for relieve or to somehow please an angry and distant God, without realizing that what He desires to give them is a different path of life. In all cases He will answer with the call to follow Him.

This call to follow is not one of work, purpose or prosperity. It is the basic call to relationship and the Way of Life. Along the way we all do things for God, but this is not the purpose for the call.

No, He calls us to follow since it is His way of leading us through all of life, teaching and training us in His ways and transforming us into His image.

Seek the Path as if your life depend on it. It is the Path of Life and the only way life will ever make sense.

Courage to all!

The essence of being a Christian in this world

The essence of being a follower of Jesus who lives under His rule and reign is that we are called to share Christ within us to this world. This has typically been taught as being a witness of Christ with an emphasis on evangelism. Yet, being a witness of His rule is much more than sharing the good news – it must involve being an example or a living epistle.


For too long Christians hid behind a type of evangelism that once they shared the good news or invited someone to a meeting, they could retreat into the safety of their own, feeling that their job was done. Yet, this approach leaves the world without the much needed influence of Christ in its midst as a continuous witness and light.

Kingdom living calls for full integration with the world we live in!

Jesus was certainly accused of the same in being called a friend of prostitutes and tax collectors! He was in fact rejected by the religious of the day because he refused to conform to their “God pleasing practices”.

Jesus prayed in John 17: “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.  They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. “

In the parable of the yeast it is clear that Christians are to become part of the whole lump (world) in order to see the whole come into its full purpose.

Also in the parable of the wheat and the tares it is clear that it is His will that we must co-reside with the sons of evil until the end of time.

This is the essence of being a witness – living out the Christian life by following the Spirit in simple day by day obedience. Whether this seems significant or not is of no consequence. What he desires is the witness of his light and life through our lives in very simple ways.

Jesus has never asked any of us to be successful or significant. He simply asked us to follow Him to the places and people he would lead us and then do His works. This is true witnessing – whether it be to prostitutes, tax collectors, politicians or Pharisees.

Ultimately we will become trees planted by waters of life, and the world will feast from the fruit we bear and experience His life through us.

This is the ultimate witness of the defeat of the enemy in this world: that the sons of sin and evil have chosen to become the sons of God as witnesses against the evil one.

Ephesians 3:10-11 “His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Let your kingdom come, Lord Jesus!

A Conversation.

Conversation between Two Monastic Believers.

You don’t have to answer this! In it I say nothing different than what I always say. It is a theme that revolves constantly in my mind. Every time I open my mouth to speak, the same thing comes out, even to my closest friends in the Church.

This morning, reading Amos, I have just came to the verse 5:13 that you mention — “Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.”

The Commentary I have says of it:

“The reign of terror puts an end to freedom of speech, and people are governed by a prudent expediency rather than truth. the uninfluential man, who knows that were he to take his case to court he would get no satisfaction, is obliged to keep silent in the face of the unredressed wrongs of others”.

And in another place it says: “The rulers of the day have effected a great transformation, and none can rebuke or halt them. There is One against whose flashing destruction neither the strong man nor the strong place (fortress) can offer the least resistance. What a vision for faith this is in a day when ungodliness is rampant and the godly man is chiefly aware of his own impotent silence.”

The tirade of the Prophet Amos is against the people who are God’s own people.

The sin is in the people; it is not the Church that sins, but the people in the Church.

The big rulers of our churches have taken control over the lives of the people and even if I take my case to ‘the court of the church’ it will not be heard, or so it seems. Therefore do I sit in silence in my ‘monastery’ and I prophesy out into the wind of the world wide web with the prayer that the Spirit of God will take it as He blows where He listeth, and it will find a home in some listening ear.

>>>>> I really hear you loud and clear on this.  We are involved with several people who are basically church people, and it is like speaking a different language.  I have come to the conclusion that the churchianity realm does not have the ears to hear, and that it has become another religion and there is no point to connect.  But still, there may be a remnant and something happening in an unseen realm, but having said that, I also think it is time to be silent to that realm, and the silence will be a speaking. >>>>>>

My problem is practical: all ‘good people’ cry out against the corruption and crime, against the atrocities committed in our beautiful country, against the carnage on our roads due to human unconcern for the lives of others. We cry out but do we see only these BIG wrongs  that make the headlines while we are blind (deliberately?) to the little foxes that corrupt the whole structure of our own Christianity? —  “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes”. (Song of Solomon 2:15).

So are we, who take offense and cry out, really ‘good people’ who hate crime at all levels, or do we fail on godliness?

>>>>> I think we cry out because we see these things as a bigger picture of the judgment to come and actually the darkness has increased to the point that it seems like the night which comes in which no man can work.  And then we enter our chambers (Is. 26:20) and hide ourselves, and hopefully examining our own hearts because the interior shaking won’t let us do otherwise, and we have the desire to want to be ready and able to open to Him immediately when He comes.>>>>

Then the question is ‘What constitutes godliness?’ How is godliness defined other than as ‘the way of God’? What must a human be in order that his or her actions will conform to the way of God other than that his or her actions must always be completely ethical and,  when there is a lapse, which there always will be, there is immediate conviction of having done wrong?

>>>>> We must realize our heavenly calling and our place being in Him, hidden in Him, that we are called as those who have their citizenship in heaven.  We sever our connection to the things of the earth, and even the turmoil and perplexity of the world, and seek those things which are above.  It is not perfection in ourselves, He is our life.  Beholding Him (and nothing else) we are changed from glory to glory.  Our path is not always clear, but as we set Him always before us we draw our life and breath from Him, moment by moment and He directs our paths in that way.  I think we are all realizing that is the only way because we have come to the end of knowing anything by our own abilities, and also because of the chaos of the times we are in. It is just a seeking to maintain that abiding in Him as the source of our life and our leading.  I know that sounds rambling, I hope it makes sense.  >>>>>>>>

If I was to identify  wrong action (sin) by it’s outworking,  I would say it is any action (or word or thought) committed by a human being that will cause evil (harm) to another person (or which is detrimental to the Creation which is the environment for all beings) unless the act is deliberately performed in order that good may come of it (but be careful here because only God is perfect and knows when evil will produce good in the long run). Any such action is mostly marked by selfish unconcern for another or others, whether the selfish unconcern is consciously held or unconsciously it is the outworking of a selfish spirit. Always the Spirit knows, and so will we also know if we will but heed His voice.

“The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:8).

Is the Lion not roaring in our land? Is the fact that God allows the corruption, the crime, and the carnage on our roads to continue, is not that the roaring of the Lion? Why then will we of the Church not heed it and look into ourselves to find the cause? And repent so that God will heal our land?

>>>>>  Lately I have had a sense of urgency and that the time is short and am in amazement that people are not fearful of what is coming and seem to have no awareness of the shaking that is happening.  All things are being shaken to the core.  Who is aware of it?  Where are the people who tremble?  This urgency I sense is overwhelming.  But I don’t see anything corresponding to it except with a very few. >>>>>>>>>>>>


From Jessop.